The Butler Group
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It takes a reader to understand a writer!

Submitting your work

At this time, The Butler Group is accepting submissions for the following genres:

  • Urban Lit
  • Street Lit
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • African American Literature
  • Children's Literature

Your submission should include:

  1. A query letter, that contains:

a. Book specifications (number of pages, any special notations)

b. Your target audience

c. Description of the book (should be at least a paragraph long)

d. Profile of the author (Why you would make the ideal author to market)

e. Synopsis

2. First three chapters of your book in 12 pt. Times New Roman

3. Send via email to:

  a. Subject line—what the inquiry is in reference to.

  b. Body of the email should include: email address and detailed question (if any).

*** Note: It could take up to 6 weeks for a response from The BGLA*****